Die TYPO3-Experten

Code711 ist ein Zusammenschluss von IT-Begeisterten und TYPO3-Experten der Agenturen 12bis3 und Sudhaus7. Hier wird jahrelanges Wissen geballt, gefördert, weiterentwickelt und mit der Community geteilt. Alle Blogs und Beiträge zu unseren Entwicklungen und Aktivitäten finden Sie hier!

The TYPO3 experts

Code711 is an association of IT enthusiasts and TYPO3 experts from the agencies 12bis3 and Sudhaus7. Years of knowledge are concentrated here, promoted, further developed and shared with the community. All blogs and posts about our developments and activities can be found here!


Make the caching framework work for you (and your extensions)

How often does a Developer get to the point where the site is too slow, and the fault is often custom build extensions with expensive operations going on. Utilising the TYPO3 Caching framework seems to be an underrated and often most overlooked part in extension development. This live coding session is intended for beginner to intermediate extension developers who want to learn the patterns on how to use the caching framework in an extension and how mitigate bottlenecks with good practices, as well as having strategies to get rid of the cache dynamically when it needs to be updated.