Die TYPO3-Experten

Code711 ist ein Zusammenschluss von IT-Begeisterten und TYPO3-Experten der Agenturen 12bis3 und Sudhaus7. Hier wird jahrelanges Wissen geballt, gefördert, weiterentwickelt und mit der Community geteilt. Alle Blogs und Beiträge zu unseren Entwicklungen und Aktivitäten finden Sie hier!

The TYPO3 experts

Code711 is an association of IT enthusiasts and TYPO3 experts from the agencies 12bis3 and Sudhaus7. Years of knowledge are concentrated here, promoted, further developed and shared with the community. All blogs and posts about our developments and activities can be found here!


Enhance your TCA - how to write your own renderTypes

Some data need something a bit different of a user interface in the backend, or are user submitted or encoded in some way. This live coding session will show you how you can write your own TCA renderTypes to add more information or different input types in your backend forms. Your editors will love you for it.


Write your own CLI Tools for TYPO3

TYPO3 and Symfony commands are a match made in heaven. In this talk I want to show you how to easily write your own CLI Tools with TYPO3, so you can code and run bulk updates, create long running tasks or schedule recurring tasks easily.


Honeypot field in your form

In the TYPO3 form framework a honeypot field is integrated by default. This tutorial shows you how to integrate such a field in a fluid form in your extension.


Solr Tools

Today we published a new TYPO3 extension called solr_tools, which provides 2 cli tools to manage solr in a TYPO3 setup with multiple sites